Thursday, July 19, 2012

Places to earn money or vouchers online

Pardon the recent hiatus, had lots of stuff to deal with IRL. Been a rough couple of months, but life goes on.  

Was discussing making money online with some other Mammies recently and agreed to come up with a list and some suggestions. All of these are free to sign up for and have no investment as far as I'm aware. I have tried them all at one point or another and still use many. I know there are some other cashback sites, but as far as I know they all use tradedoubler (i.e. they all have the same merchants due to the third party they use to track the affiliate sales) so you get more or less the same benefits from each site and because of browser cookies can only use one at a time per shopping transaction, so I just stick to Fatcheese as I've never had any issue with them.  So for those of you wishing to make a few bob with little effort, hopefully this will help!

Here's what I've got so far. What am I missing? I will edit to add as suggested! 

Volunteer for Panels - A place to sign up for a variety of internet panels, they will contact you when a suitable vacancy is available.

Irish Opinions - Earn money for taking surveys, paid in vouchers.

Toluna - Earn points by completing surveys, participating in polls and their community. Redeemable for vouchers.

RedC - The survey company, earn points for surveys, cash in for vouchers. Probably the more interesting surveys, often political as well as marketing.

MySurvey - Another survey company, earn points and cash in for vouchers.

Fatcheese - Cashback on many popular internet shopping outlets. Great if you buy Groupon or Pigsback deals as well as bigger purchases, Apple and Dell come to mind.

Europinions - Another survey company, earn points and cash in for vouchers.

Gapbuster A secret shopping company. Secret shop for McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Texaco etc. All training is online and easy to pass, payments are swift and I've had no problems, other than the extra calories! ;)

Pigsback - Earn points by clicking on ads, completing offers and shopping. Redeemable in vouchers.

Catalyst - Another secret shopping company. I've done shops for Smyths, An Post and Vodafone. Quite straightforward and decent payment, the Smyths ones also reimburse you for a toy you can keep.

Swagbucks - US based, but becoming more EU friendly, can cash in points for Amazon UK. Earn by completing offers, watching videos, taking surveys, polls and using their search function. Current offer: Use code HOLIDAYSWAG to get an extra 70 points when you join.
Shop and Scan - Scan your groceries with a scanner when you get home. A bit time consuming, but points earned can be redeemed for high street vouchers.

Opinion World - Another survey site, earn points, exchange for vouchers.

WhoseView - Write reviews of local companies and earn points, cash them in for vouchers. Seems to be only major cities for now.

MenuPages - Write reviews of restaurants and earn points, cash in for restaurant vouchers and coupons. Can review all over the country, but unfortunately cash-in offers appear to be mainly Dublin/Cork.

*Disclaimer - one or two of the above links are my personal referral ones, feel free to use or disregard as you see fit. :blush:

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