Monday, July 8, 2013

Tipperary Roller Girls

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When I was a kid, I went to a roller derby exhibition show, in Flint, Michigan.  I had little idea what the hell was going on, but I knew I loved it.  I wanted more than anything to become a roller derby girl.  I used to go skating as often as possible at the roller arena where I lived in MI. I loved it so much but then I got older, moved back to Europe, life became a lot more complicated.  I sort of forgot about that childhood dream.

Then a few years ago I saw Whip-It and it all came flooding back. I made a note to order some skates and gave himself a lot of very prolific hints for birthday presents, but alas they never did appear.  Last week I was in Tesco looking at hair dye and I saw a wicked purple colour and thought to myself, if I were a roller girl, I'd totally do that.  When I got home I noticed an acquaintance of mine had a roller derby picture as her profile picture on facebook and when I clicked through and realised there was roller derby in Ireland I almost freaked.  I was kindof bummed at the same time because my nearest league would be Waterford and that's a pretty far drive when you've got three kids and have to find a babysitter etc. I clicked through to the Irish Roller Derby page only to find out that a league was forming right here in Tipp!  The Tipperary Roller Girls were recruiting!!! I couldn't believe it.  Contacted them and it's a go!

Special Delivery
I ordered my skates and equipment and went for my first skate in years last Friday.  Let me tell you, it is NOT like riding a bicycle. I looked like a deranged fawn I'm sure, but towards the end of the session I was getting the hang of it. Was so grateful I'd been running the last few weeks and built up a bit of stamina.  I went out again on Sunday to a parking lot in Clonmel and had a bit of fun, but the heat with all that padding was unreal! Managed to get turning down and only fell a few times!

I went to see the Dublin Roller Derby bout this weekend and was soooo sore after Friday.  I was beginning to doubt myself as a bigger girl, would I ever get the hang of it.  But it was immediately apparent from the teams playing that size did not have to be  a hindrance.  I was amazed by the skill and talent of all shapes and sizes and couldn't wait to get back on my skates. 

So in terms of my weight loss plans, this could not have come at a better time. Practice is on Tuesday and Thursday the opposite of my running days. This means I'll be getting proper workouts five days a week.  Plus I've already started some core and strength workouts.  Roller derby stance consists of a very low almost permanent squat so I've been adding squats in daily as well as some ab, push-up and arm work.  I have wanted this my whole life and it's finally happening, so I am not going to screw it up. We won't even talk about the investment involved in the equipment! :D 

If you're in the area and interested, get in touch with TRG, all skill levels most welcome! We're in this together! <3

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