Monday, January 23, 2012

Nursery Makeover on a Budget

We're fortunate to have four bedrooms, but since the girls share a room, we only use two.  The third is a dedicated guest room and the fourth has been at some stage or another a guest room, an office, a study room, a craft room and just a general storage area.  When we found out number three was on the way, I knew right away I wanted to do it up, but money was going to be tight since we had long ago gotten rid of all our baby supplies.  I immediately turned to Pinterest for inspiration and figured with some recycling and Ikea, I could keep to a budget of one hundred euro.  At the time we weren't sure if we were having a girl or a boy, so we wanted something that we could either "pink out" or "blue up" when baby came along.  We went about fifty euro over budget in the end, but I think it turned out well.  The lighting was ten percent off at Ikea the day we went as well.  If I don't mention the furniture, it's something we already owned and don't mind my yoga equipment in the corner! ;)

Elephant Wall Stickers - B&Q - 11.99, Ikea Bug Lamp - 6.99, Ikea Lack Table - 8.59

 Ikea Mammut Shelf - 4.06, Ikea Chest of Drawers  - 49.81, Crown Paint, B&Q - approx 35.00

 Elephant Wall Art, B&Q - 14.99

Ikea Knappa Lamp - 20.32

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  1. Cute room. I'm sure baby #3 will be very happy here. Love the cozy chair in the corner and yoga stuff always makes me happy :)


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