Saturday, January 21, 2012

Freebies for Pregnant and New Mums in Ireland

Last Updated 26/07/12

I thought I would compile a comprehensive list of all the freebies out there for expecting or new mums.  There are quite a few deals to be taken advantage of that may or may not come in handy now or later.  I hope this helps some of you and if there's anything I'm missing, please let me know!

EU Mom has possibly the best deal out there in which you collect a box of samples, coupons and information at your local Centra or Supervalu after signing up on their site.  Samples I got included Johnsons products, Detol, Sudocream, wipes, Floradix and Persil.  Definitely worth signing up for. There's also some coupons, car seat and safety information and other bits and bobs.

Pampers have a nice little packet of samples for expecting Mums.  You need to sign up before 32 weeks. I haven't received mine yet, but it looks like there's some nappies and wipes and perhaps some coupons and baby information.

Tesco Baby Club is a great resource if you shop at Tesco.  They send a magazine and coupons throughout your pregnancy and up until the baby is three.  When combined with other coupons from Pampers or Pigsback, it can result in some free nappies!

Milupa offers a baby club as well and sends vouchers and information out. Your baby must have been already born to sign up.

Silderm are offering free samples of their stretch-mark cream.

Avent Bottles are offering a free welcome gift for new Mums who join their club.

Bepanthen nappy cream are offering a free sample on their site.

Gentlebirth an Irish hypnobirthing program, that I use myself, occasionally offer free hypnobirthing mp3s, worth keeping an eye out on their site.

Cow and Gate have a nice little coupon book that they will send out to you if you sign up.  There were coupons that could be used during pregnancy and beyond, including Xtravision rentals, Chemist vouchers and more.  You are given the option on whether or not to receive information on their formula.

Aptamil also offer some money off coupons on their products.

Baba Me offers a voucher to trial their Bumgenius Cloth Nappies or a free newborn nappy.

NEW: Free gift from when you sign up for their newsletter.

The following sites offer information on their products and infant nutrition or development, but no coupons or samples that I can tell.  Think targeted emails based on your stage of pregnancy or baby's age:

Updated 19/4/2012


  1. Brill idea. I got the pampers biz and it had nappys, in 2 seperate packs so great for labour bag, a small pack of wipes, a money off voucher and an info booklet.think it had a cd with the found your baby can hear aswell.
    I didn't know about the Avent one, must have a look.

  2. ** a cd with the SOUND your baby can hear.

  3. i got my pack from supervalu through the hospital, but all coupons were out of date :-(

  4. Fantastic idea! thank you!


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